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The Paradigm Shift: Now it's on YOUR side of the table!

sales training Apr 01, 2019

Have you ever watched those videos that tell you things like (please, use a funny low voice while you read) "I will help you triple your sales," "here is my 4-step blueprint so you can become a sales master," "sell 9X, 99X, 999X what you are selling today"?

Let me tell you something: That is NOT how things work.

Selling is exquisite art combined with science. And no quick magic can create it; the real magic arrives WHEN YOU CLOSE the deal you want to close. So, whoever is offering you INSTANT MAGICAL results, is...(sorry to say) lying to you.

Instead, REAL and SUSTAINED better sales results are achievable, indeed. And yes, you can begin TODAY. But guess what: Change and Personal Sales Transformation are now on your side of the table. And the reason is straightforward: You can not wait anymore for someone else to train you in sales, nor to deliver onboarding for you. No one (but you) can make you DO the things you learned either.

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